The Village of Golf, IL
To see a complete list of our Officers and their duties, click this link:

Village Trustees for 2015 -16

The Village of Golf is a “Home Rule” community governed by the Illinois constitution and its Village ordinances (you can read our village ordinances, including our building code, at,IL). The Village has long had a volunteer government (trustees and the Village president receive $1 per year and the Village Clerk and Treasurer receive a modest monthly stipend). With our small population (453), limited number of households (171) and no businesses, at one time or another a significant portion of Village residents will be called upon to serve the community.

The Village Board of Trustees meets on the second Monday of each month at the Village Hall. Agendas are posted on this website and on the bulletin boards at the Post Office and around the Village. The six Trustees function like department heads with one taking on responsibility for a different aspect of Village government including the Emergency Services Department, Administrative Department, Public Buildings and Grounds Department, Financial Department, Water Department, Sanitation Department and Streets & Sidewalks Department. You can see the specific, current assignments in the table below.

We also have a part-time Village Administrator who handles much of the day-to-day work of your Village government. You can contact Julianne Nukk at or give her a call at 847-998-8852.

If you are interested in serving in some capacity, please let Bob know and he will pass it on to the Village board.

Here are some useful email addresses.  If you'd like to send a comment or question just click on the link.

 Building Commissioner
 Golf Police

 Health Officer
 Zoning Board of Appeals

If you have a FOIA request, please email it to:
  Person        E-mail address  
 President       Dan Williams  liaison & leadership
 Trustee  Jim Dominik
 emergency services
 Trustee Tony Kalogerakos  streets & sanitation
 Trustee    Bill Peck  utilities
 Trustee  Bob Carson  finance & admin
 Trustee  Bob Der       Avedisian  building & zoning
 Trustee   Pam Maga  public buildings & grounds
 Treasurer Kelly Zabinski  accounting
 Clerk       Julie Tillman  village clerk
 Building Commissioner
 Bob Hammer  buildings
 Police Chief Mike Volling  police
 Webmaster  John Benson  website
 Golf Civic Association
   Secretary  civic association